It has been two seasons since gajiroc embarked on its journey, and now we are entering the third season. At this point, it feels like we have finally turned a single page. Although, starting this endeavor was a decision that came after much contemplation, it has brought about significant changes in my perception and thinking as I confront reality.

Personally, I have always found it challenging to share my thoughts and personal stories. Expressing myself in front of others has never come easily to me. The intricacies of my thoughts often make it difficult to articulate them concisely, and I have often wondered if my intended message would be accurately conveyed. As a result, I have not delved deeply into discussions about clothing.

A few years ago, while working overseas, I had a conversation with my boss. The brand I worked for predominantly used fabrics made from natural fibers like cotton, linen, and hemp. The choice of these fabrics was simply because they looked stylish and appealing. One day, someone asked my boss why we used these fabrics, mentioning their environmental benefits. Instead of correcting the assumption, my boss acknowledged it. When asked why he didn't clarify, he responded that if others perceived it that way, it could be considered true from their perspective, and he didn't want to deny that. I hoped that gajiroc's garments and the brand itself would be embraced and interpreted in a similar manner. I wanted people to see what they wanted to see without the need for explicit explanations.

However, my perspective has evolved slightly. While my core values and beliefs regarding clothing and the brand remain unchanged, new thoughts have surfaced. Operating a brand, particularly a fashion brand, has made me realize that it doesn't flourish or grow solely on my own. It relies on the support of those involved in production, the shop owners who showcase our products, and the consumers who experience and wear them. Consequently, I have come to believe that the reasons behind our choices and the context in which they arise should be shared. I came to this realization because the previous approach felt like sailing a ship without informing people of our destination or the reasons behind our voyage. Even in this space where not everyone may venture, I want to attempt to capture and share at least a portion of it.

Fundamentally, gajiroc is a brand dedicated to creating garments. We strive for excellence and near-perfection by carefully selecting details, fabrics, and craftsmanship that align with each product's purpose, ensuring that the garment's intended function remains intact. Some garments may feature loosely woven fabrics, while others may showcase dense, tightly woven materials. Clean and sturdy designs may involve meticulous stitching and abundant seams, while vintage-inspired pieces may adopt wider spacing and minimal stitching. Each choice is rooted in the intended purpose of the garment.

Ironically, beneath the pursuit of near-perfection lies the realization that within the broader realm of clothing, there are no absolute notions of good or bad. Some garments may appear expensive due to their rough texture, while others may carry a higher price tag because of their softness. A certain Japanese brand proudly highlights fabric defects as evidence of the garment's authenticity as vintage "deadstock" fabric. While some may consider these defects as grounds for a refund or unwanted elements to be cleared through sales or discounts, the defects actually become testaments to the fabric's authenticity. The garment itself becomes a perfect piece that impeccably aligns with the characteristics of that fabric.

Rather than intentionally striving for beauty, I believe the essence lies in creating garments that maintain their purpose without compromise. A T-shirt is a T-shirt, and a shirt is a shirt. If individuals can wear these well-crafted garments as intended for an extended period, there is no greater testament to their excellence. gajiroc does not adhere to a specific style or form; our goal is to create exceptional garments for menswear without compromising on quality.