Gallnut Dyed T Shirt

Based on the first released cashmere t-shirt in 22ss, the 23ss collection offers a wide range of colors that are meticulously achieved using natural dyeing techniques. Each t-shirt is individually dyed by hand, ensuring a unique and artisanal touch to every piece.

The fabric used is a blend of cashmere and Supima cotton from Japan, and specifically for this product, a selected cotton fiber called Corcoran is used. Corcoran is produced in collaboration with I COTONI DI ALBINI from Italy and J. G. Boswell Company, one of the largest Supima cotton producers in the United States.

While regular Supima cotton is typically made into Ne 100/2 to Ne 120/2 yarn, Corcoran, made exclusively from the highest quality Supima cotton, is crafted into up to Ne 180/2 yarn. This level was previously considered impossible for any Supima cotton.

The blend of the highest quality cotton and cashmere provides a soft and luxurious texture, and for strong durability and a vintage feel, the neckline is bound, and hems of the cuffs and the body are all flatlock stitched.

The dye used in this t-shirt, known as gallnut, possesses remarkable properties such as astringency, hemostasis, detoxification, and sterilization. In traditional Korean medicine, gallnut is used to prescribe treatments for various conditions, including diarrhea, gastric ulcers, and enteritis. Its utilization as a natural dye dates back to ancient times, thanks to its rich tannin content.

The t-shirt is similar to the previous season's, but it has a shorter length, making it great to wear tucked into high-waisted pants or to wear on its own.

The brand's logo, size, and fiber composition information on the back are hand-stamped and may fade slightly with each wash.

90% Supima Cotton (from Albino, Italy) 10% Cashmere Knitted in Nagoya, Japan

100% Cotton thread from Kyoto, Japan

Care Instruction
Cold Machine Wash or Hand Wash
Hang dry

Regular Fit
Double Needle Binded Collar
Blind Stitched Hems

Natural Dyed Using Gallnut

*The units in the size table below are all cm.

**Natural dye products may have irregular dyeing patterns and individual variations.

***It has a weaker colorfastness compared to regular dyed garments, it can easily be affected by light, washing, and other factors.